Burnley begin ePremier League Club Playoffs

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Burnley begin ePremier League Club Playoffs

The next stage of the 2019/20 ePremier League is about to begin with the start of the Club Playoffs.

After thousands of UK-based players took part in online qualification for the chance to represent their clubs in the finals in March in London, the numbers have been whittled down to just 16 for each club. 

The playoffs begin with Burnley hosting theirs at Turf Moor on 5 February from 16:00 GMT. You can follow the how competition unfolds at Turf Moor on Burnley's Twitch channel.

Other clubs will also host their playoffs but others will take place online. See the table below for dates, locations and more details

Club Playoff format

Eight players per platform (Xbox and Playstation) will be split into two groups and will face their group rivals in two-legged matches.

The top two from each group will advance to the single-elimination playoff, with the best player from that platform emerging to represent the club in the finals in London on 27-28 March and the chance to win £20,000.

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