Village secretary and his poverty alleviation industrial belt

2020-06-14 10:14:32 Source: Xinhuanet

Harbin, June 13, Xinhua News Agency

Cheng Zilong, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

At noon, the sun was hot. Feng Chun, Secretary of the general Party branch of Yongfa village, got into the melon shed of poor households and pulled out the seedlings. When he saw that there were about 10 melons on each seedling, his face instantly showed a smile. Feng Chun, who is also an agricultural technician, is drilling around in 76 greenhouses almost every day. These greenhouses are the starting point for Yongfa village to become rich after poverty alleviation.

Yongfa village, Yingchun Town, Qinggang County, Heilongjiang Province, is located in the south foot of Daxing'an Mountains. All the 27 poor households in the village have been lifted out of poverty, but how to consolidate the quality of poverty alleviation and make the villagers continue to increase their income has become Feng Chun's heart disease. He led the villagers to build a poverty alleviation industrial belt on thousands of mu of land.

A hit reservation call

Looking at the whole shed bean seedlings climbing high rope, poor Liu Yazhen can not hide the joy in his heart. It will take another 20 days for beans to come on the market, but now the phone call has been knocked out. Beans here do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are well-known hot goods.

"How much can beans be sold in this shed?" Asked the reporter.

Liu Yazhen, close to the reporter's ear, whispered: "at least 10000 yuan." There was an honest and happy smile on her face.

"How much can a shed of cantaloupe cost?" The reporter asked again.

"At least 8000 yuan." Liu Yazhen answered and laughed again. Muskmelon is not sweet, but cooked soybean is used as farm manure.

"How much can a shed of scallion seedlings sell for?" Asked the reporter.

"30000 yuan!" Liu Yazhen smiles again.

Liu Yazhen has contracted for poverty alleviation greenhouses for the third year. This year, he has contracted 11 greenhouses, with an average net income of at least 8000 yuan per building.

76 greenhouses are an important poverty alleviation project selected by Feng Chun for the village. He instructs poor households to plant all organic vegetables. For the credit of the whole village, he shuttles in the shed every day. If anyone gives the melon and vegetables a swelling agent, he will immediately "turn over his face.".

Village secretary's "new invention"

Greenhouse vegetables are only one part of the poverty alleviation industry belt in Yongfa village, and autumn vegetables and dried vegetables in small vegetable garden are the second rich project for all villagers.

In the village committee office, Feng Chun's "new invention" is in the middle. He uses a motor removed from the old washing machine and connects it with a rotary knife set to make a bean cutter. It can cut 150 kg of bean silk every day, 10 times faster than the manual knife. This year, his new tool will be popularized throughout the village.

The production of dried beans, eggplant, potato chips and melon chips is a unique feature of Yongfa village. There are more than 130 households drying dried vegetables in the village, and 27 poor households are all involved in it, and the supply exceeds demand every year. This year, Feng Chun made great efforts not only to develop 82 Mu small vegetable garden in the village, but also to drive the development of more than 200 mu small vegetable garden in the surrounding villages, hoping to occupy more and more dry vegetable market.

Planting radish, cabbage and other autumn stored vegetables is also a "sharp weapon" for Yongfa village to become rich. Feng chunknows the market. He sets up a cold storage in the village and asks poor households to sell vegetables when the market raises prices.

"If you keep it for three more days, the price of the dish will rise sharply." Feng Chun said that in the autumn of 2019, the village will harvest all celery the day before the frost, and keep it fresh. On the second day after the frost, celery rose by more than 20 cents per kilogram. This year, 140 tons of autumn vegetables will bring a lot of income to the whole village.

In order to increase the income of poor households, Feng Chun also opened up a "new battlefield" this year. He reclaimed some open spaces between the cement road and the fences of the residents, planted all the green beans, and formed a "new industry Street". All the income was distributed to the poor households. The village signed an order with an agricultural company in Lanxi County, which is expected to have a net profit of 2100 yuan per mu. The profit of the poor households will be more than 13.7 million yuan.

Let poor households continue to get industrial dividends

It is an important means for Yongfa village to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation by setting up cooperatives to let poor households "bring capital into the cooperatives". In 2016, five villagers in Yongfa village initiated the establishment of cooperatives, and each poor person paid 500 yuan to "bring capital into the cooperatives". The cooperatives operated seasonal vegetables, autumn stored vegetables and dried vegetables on a large scale, and guaranteed dividends according to the profits after autumn. In 2019, the dividend for each poor population will reach 850 yuan.

Yongfa village has a tradition of growing organic vegetables. Under the leadership of leading enterprises, more than 3200 mu of land in the village has passed the organic certification. Leading enterprises often give bonus to vegetable farmers to encourage them.

Driven by the poverty alleviation industrial belt, the income of the poor households in the village is getting higher and higher. In 2019, the net income of Pang Guorui, a poor family, exceeded 130000 yuan.

Yongfa village civil two words to summarize the current state, one is "dry", the other is "points". In Feng Chun's words, it is to keep the enthusiasm and continue to pay dividends to the villagers.

Author: editor: future news Hou Zhi

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