When will American politicians stop pretending to sleep when the international critics are beating up Hispanics?

2020-06-14 14:55:41 Source: CCTV news client

"Is Mexico responsible for the new outbreak in the United States?" Recently, Mexico's "financial" website issued such a lament. The background: at a panel discussion on how to deal with the new pneumonia epidemic in the White House on November 11, American leaders blamed tourists from Mexico for the current rebound in the U.S. epidemic, stressing that it had nothing to do with "restarting the economy.". From China to the World Health Organization, from the European Union to Latin America, the current U.S. government, in order to shirk its responsibility for failing to fight the epidemic, has performed the "juggling trick" of its housekeeping skills to the fullest extent. Audiences around the world are not surprised by this. This also confirms a famous saying of Latin America: we are too far from heaven, too close to America.

One of the main reasons why American politicians are targeting neighboring Mexico this time is that most of the new cases in the United States are concentrated in Hispanic communities. Therefore, the White House suspects that the new cases may come from Mexico's "overseas import". This reason is really putting the cart before the horse.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hispanics in the United States have been suffering from a "disproportionate" infection rate and mortality rate, bearing the impact of huge racial inequality. According to the racial distribution of new coronal pneumonia deaths published in New York City in early April, Hispanics accounted for 34%. The "wealth gap" on the New York Times and the "African American times" report directly on the history of inequality.

Clearly, it is their own connivance and manipulation of racial discrimination, but now they are putting the blame on the victims. Do American politicians have a moral bottom line on the road of "throwing the pot"? As far as Mexico is concerned, there is a case for "crying out". As early as March this year, the United States and Mexico signed a "non important personnel entry" contract, and bilateral personnel exchanges have been "substantially reduced.". What's more, in the context of the spread of the epidemic, the global tourism industry is tightening, and it is far fetched for the United States to blame Mexican tourists for the epidemic. The associated press pointed out that US leaders have always regarded Mexico as a "scapegoat" to carry the "pot" of crime and infectious diseases. The blame for Mexico may be to use the epidemic crisis to promote the policy of restricting immigration, so as to achieve "two birds with one stone". As a result, Mexico was born from a victim to a "defendant.".

However, the truth cannot be covered up. Many professionals pointed out that there are multiple reasons for the sharp rebound of the recent epidemic situation in the United States. According to the analysis of Dr. Aish Jia, director of the Harvard Institute of global health, there were millions of people traveling in the United States during the "memorial day of war" in late May; and the other reason was that demonstrations against police violence and anti racial discrimination broke out in the United States. All these increase the risk of epidemic transmission.

In addition, many states in the United States have accelerated economic restart without fully controlling the epidemic, which has laid hidden dangers for the rebound of the epidemic situation. As early as may, fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, warned of the risks of premature economic restart, but his proposal was not adopted. At present, more than 20 states in the United States have seen a rebound in the epidemic situation. Unfortunately, fouch's warning is right.

In fact, the U.S. government's repeated efforts to prevent and control the epidemic ahead of the public health media in the United States are based on the fact that the United States government has repeatedly taken measures to prevent and control the global epidemic situation. According to a study by Columbia University, the delay of action restriction measures in the United States has resulted in at least 36000 lives lost: if the US government implemented the action restriction measures one week ahead of schedule, 36000 more lives could be saved; if two weeks ahead of schedule, 83% of the patients in the United States who died of the new coronavirus would be spared.

This fully shows that the development of the epidemic situation in the United States is now out of control. It is entirely caused by the incompetence of some American politicians and their political self-interest, and has nothing to do with other factors.

What enemies do we need when we have such an evil neighbor as the United States? During the epidemic, Latin Americans obviously had a deeper understanding of this. A large number of data show that Latin American countries, especially Mexico, Guatemala and other U.S. neighbors, are becoming serious victims of U.S. epidemic output. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the United States has repatriated a large number of illegal immigrants who have not been tested for new coronavirus to Latin American countries, which has made the Latin American countries with weak public health system even worse. In early May, 117 Guatemalan immigrants repatriated by the United States were confirmed, accounting for 15% of the total confirmed cases in the country. "These immigrants may have been infected in immigration detention centers in the United States," said Cesar Rios, director of El Salvador's immigration department. Lin Si, director of Brazil's China Research Center, criticized that the United States repatriates a large number of Latin American immigrants without even providing them with the most basic medical insurance. This is a very bad behavior and runs counter to the international community's joint efforts to fight the epidemic.

Indeed, since the outbreak of the epidemic, American politicians who regard Latin America as their backyard have treated the Latin American people almost as colonists. Those countries dare not speak up. At the same time, the United States still imposed sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela and other undesirable Latin American countries, and obstructed the anti epidemic cooperation without sympathy.

Convenience to others is convenience to oneself. It's time for some American politicians to leave some leeway for themselves! Today, the number of confirmed cases in the United States is still rising, and the American people are still struggling on the line of life and death? No country can fight the global economy alone. Throwing dirty water into other people's yard can not solve their own problems, let alone save the lives of their own people. When will American politicians stop pretending to sleep? (International critic)

(Editor Li Jiayi)

Author: editor: future news Hou Zhi

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