This super cute big face cat is back in business

2020-06-11 18:38:52 Source: Children's Literature

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This super cute big face cat is——

Open letter cat full of magic power~

The letter opening cat lives in a brown wooden house northeast of the rest home. From a distance, the round wooden house looks like a chocolate muffin on the grass. The open letter cat has a good temper and great ability. His favorite thing is to bake Gardenia biscuits, and to open letters for people there in the sanatorium.

There are several good friends of the letter opening cat in the sanatorium——

Some of the guests in the sanatorium are in a bad mood,

Some have bad temper,

Some of them are very old,

Some are seriously ill,

Oh, some of those letters are very happy,

Some are full of sadness.

For all of you,

Every time I open a letter, it's pleasant and nervous.

Fortunately, the letter opening cat has a magical ability. She puts her pink nose close to the letter paper and sniffs it. She makes a series of purrs in her mouth and grunts: "it's time to open the letter cat". With her head tilted, she cuts the envelope with the sharpest beard on the edge of her mouth. The letter has a sweet smell of gardenia, with unexpected magic and beauty.

With the help of the letter opening cat——

These stories were written by Xu Ling into the story of the letter opening cat,

Tong Meng, who hasn't seen it yet, can be purchased with one click.

What? You've read all four, and haven't you read enough?

It doesn't matter. The story of big face cat is new——

Open letter cat time: a Chi's blue train

It's about to go on sale!

Come and meet this new friend.

Chi: a lovely train driver.

With so many people to see so many landscapes,

I didn't take my mother on the train,

He felt guilty about it.

Yes, it's a sad story——

As soon as a Chi was named "the best train driver", he received the news of his mother's death. He took so many people to see so many scenery, but he didn't take his mother on his train. A chi is sad and guilty and lives in Shanbei sanatorium.

In the sanatorium, open letter cat with its magic power to help achi say goodbye to depression, but also made an unexpected discovery

I hope you take out the most comfortable posture and read this story quietly. I believe that in this summer, the letter opening cat will bring you different magic, beauty and moving.

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Author: Children's literature editor: Gao fucan

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